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Connecticut Krav Maga - Best Self Defense Classes in CT
What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a form of self defense and physical training designed to use offensive and defensive techniques effectively to keep yourself and others around you safe. 

Is it for me?

Doesn't matter if you're out of shape, think that you're too old or too young, Krav Maga is beneficial to everyone. Classes are broken up into beginner intermediate and advanced. Beginners start as basic as learning how to properly stand in a fighting stance.


Benefits include; situational awareness, sharpen mental fitness, boost strength and stamina while learning how to defend yourself in common self defense situations.

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Adult Classes

Krav Maga is perfect for adults as it will help be ready in any situation where you have to defend yourself and your family.  The techniques taught in class are easy to learn and functional.

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Kid Classes

Krav Maga is perfect to help build confidence and discipline in children. Many situations in class include stranger danger, bullying, and basic self-defense.

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